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The new rock stars: Inside today’s golden age of comedy (The Washington Post)
Inside the writers room with Seth Meyers: How to make late-night TV in the Trump era (The Washington Post)
A second-by-second breakdown of Kendall Jenner’s unspeakably tone-deaf Pepsi ad (The Washington Post)
Melissa McCarthy on SNL shows the power comedians have under a Trump presidency (The Washington Post)
Charles Ramsey Can Be Both a Hero and a Meme (The New Republic)


Black Lives Matter and America’s long history of resisting civil rights protesters (The Washington Post)
Thomas Jefferson and the fascinating history of Founding Fathers defending Muslim rights (The Washington Post)
The Complex Life of Border Towns (National Journal)
How Democrats Are Aiming to Make Texas a Swing State (National Journal)
Women Lobbyists May Be Worth More (National Journal)
Is Congress Simply No Fun Anymore? (National Journal)


Video shows Cleveland officer shooting 12-year-old Tamir Rice within seconds (The Washington Post)
National Archives agents raid home of Leslie Waffen, former archives department head (TBD.com)
We are the Enforcers – Sheriff’s deputies work on the front lines of the county’s foreclosure battle (The Gazette)


Division of Labor: Exploring D.C.’s Unemployment Disparities (WAMU 88.5)

Fractured Pipeline: Recession slows local cash flow to El Salvador (The Gazette/Washington Post)


Mister Rogers was America’s teacher. I know because he taught me English.(The Washington Post)
No Country For Hairy Women (xoJane)
‘Where Are You From?’: Thoughts From A Second-Generation American (DCentric/WAMU 88.5)


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